Warm Springs’ Dan Martinez finds strength through family and community

When I first spoke to Dan Martinez about Mind Your Mind Central Oregon, I was immediately drawn to his kind and authentic nature.

While he’s experienced an extraordinary amount of personal and professional stress over the past year, when I asked him about it, he talked openly and comfortably.

“I don’t know how to measure […]

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You are first!

Note: The following interview was conducted in Spanish by Nancy Ayala and translated to English:

Hilda Garcia Leon’s tips to live in love and improve mental health.

Before letting anyone into your day, you come first! That is the advice of Hilda Garcia Leon, from Central Oregon, who is an activist, mother, wife and is […]

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Adam Williams shares thoughts about serving others, serving his country and minding our minds

Adam Williams is a friendly, easy-to-talk-to 39-year-old guy and one of 2,500 veterans living in Crook County.

As director of Crook County Veteran’s Services, he spends most of his time talking with other veterans and their families, working to connect them with the support, resources and benefits they need. That’s why […]

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Una Caja de Herramientas: Gregorio Delgado, Bend OR

By Nancy Ayala

Si conoces a Gregorio Delgado (mejor conocido como Greg) y si Greg te conoce, es seguro que te salude de mano, beso y apapacho.

Greg, originario de Arizona y Oregoniano por decisión, se describe como una persona que vive ¡bien feliz! Un efecto que surge cuando trabajas en la comunidad y […]

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I don’t know what to say today

I’m having a really hard time coming up with something to write about this month.

I think I’ve started and restarted this blog about 9 times over the past several days and I can’t seem to land on anything that feels relevant and relatable. It doesn’t feel right to stay silent about what’s […]

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What stress can do to our bodies

Central Oregon’s Kelly Jenkins talks about living with a stress-related chronic illness

There are a lot of things to like about Kelly Jenkins. She’s smart, kind, hard-working and an overall lovely person. As a 34-year-old who lives with Ulcerative Colitis (UC), an autoimmune disease directly tied to high stress levels, she’s become an […]

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