Minding our minds during uncertain times

As we work to keep ourselves and each other healthy, we’re facing some huge and unexpected changes in our daily lives. We’re struggling to understand exactly how the Coronavirus will affect our jobs, our incomes, our childcare and our safety. We’re also feeling the heavy emotional weight of the current global situation. Over the coming months, we’re going to have […]

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Any fool can fall in love…

The other night, we ran into a neighbor at Silver Moon Brewing. We were enjoying live music when she waved hello, so I walked over to say hi. She told me she was touched by how Mark and I seemed to be so in love. It was a sweet observation and it […]

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It’s time to play…

Last year, our daughter Presley was traveling and working on farms in France.  Before returning to the states, she took a short visit to Portugal. When she arrived in the town of Porto, she was immediately bopped on the head by a stranger with a soft plastic “squeaky” hammer. To her surprise, […]

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Show some February love…

January seems to be a popular month for cleansing. Many of my friends are eating clean which means cutting out sugar, gluten, alcohol and other stuff we tend to over indulge in throughout the year. It’s a way to hit “reset” and get a fresh start. I’ve never been good at “all or nothing” (I’ve tried), but I admire those […]

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Maybe we are enough

Just about every one of my friends is working on changing something about themselves. I do it too. The stack of self-help books on my nightstand is comical — especially because I can’t stand to read them. I try. I really do. And some of the books are great and inspiring. I start a book and lose interest about ⅓ […]

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For 2020: Try evolving instead of resolving 

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. It feels like I’m endlessly striving to eat less, exercise more, spend less money…blah, blah, blah. Somehow resolutions make me feel like I’m trying to “mend my ways” which ends up being a set-up for failure. Lately I’ve been aiming for an “evolution” or a gradual shift in my happiness factor. […]

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It’s the most curious time of the year…

I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve been thinking a lot about the holidays — it’s hard to escape this time of year.

For some odd reason, I love this season which is curious because it was very stressful for me growing up. We celebrated Christmas even though we were Jewish (according to Jewish law). Both of my grandmothers were Jewish, […]

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Longer nights and colder days can be hard

Many of us struggle when the nights grow long and the air gets cold. Sometimes it feels like I just finished lunch when 4:30 pm rolls around and it’s already time to start thinking about dinner. While it’s hard to let go of summer, there are some things I’m glad to see less of like mosquitos, crowds and “traffic” (traffic […]

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This morning I snapped at a stranger and I’m feeling really bad about it. I generally smile and wave at people when I’m out and about. That’s who I am…or at least who I think I am. I feel like some angry person took over my brain momentarily. It was weird because I did a yoga video in a quiet […]

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What “village” means to me

Mark, Presley, Owen, and Linda Quon.

I am the proud mama of two kind, thoughtful, caring, funny and smart adults (says mom). Owen is 27 and Presley is 24. I didn’t raise them alone. I had a village. We lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles and I worked 40-60 hours a […]

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